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Bliss and Wisdom Senior High School


    The Bliss and Wisdom Educational Park is situated south of Dahukou River, whose alluvial fan is the result of many years of erosion and sediment from the upstream. Heavy rains often inundate the park. The precipitation in 2013 was above the normal level.

    In particular, after many days of heavy rain brought by Typhoon Kong-Rey in August, the underground aquifers trapped more water than their normal capacity, resulting in many runoffs that damaged the road surface. In addition, many trees were dead because their roots were soaked in water. The park was severely ravaged as a whole.

We, therefore, implemented the Sustainable Campus Project by:

    1. Conducting an environmental investigation. We will investigate and collect data about the water resources, geology and weather patterns in the park.

    2. Visiting successful projects. Our task force on campus sustainability will make contacts with schools that have made progress in building a sustainable campus.

    3. Holding workshops. We have taken professional advice from experts to arrange workshops, where both teachers and students are given the opportunity to use different approaches to creating a better campus and designing courses on sustainability.

    The new blind drains around the school buildings, the dormitory, and the track field will be connected to the old blind drain system, forming an underground drainage network. The rain will be channeled to the irrigation pond to reduce the possibility of flooding. Once the project is completed, the rainwater collected will be used to provide irrigation for vegetable gardens and plants.

    In addition, we will pave permeable footpaths that connect to existing footpaths around the campus to improve the soil surface. Along the new footpath network, we will set up explanatory signs that give people information on nearby plants, insects, birds, and the ecosystem.

    The renovation project will engage both teachers and students in some parts. We will hire labor and purchase materials when needed. The purpose of the project is to reduce the possibility of floods, enhance flood awareness of students, collect rainwater for irrigation, and promote environmental education.
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  • Bliss and Wisdom Senior High School
  • System: High school
  • Report year: 2014
  • Area: Middle Taiwan
  • County: Yunlin