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Long Chi Elementary School


Without much development and pollution, Long Chi is an untouched area that is unknown to the outside world. For non-local residents, Long Chi is just a far-off place. However, Long Chi is blessed with the most ethereal landscape. The spectacular Tiger Mountain, the unique badland, and laid-back local residents contribute to the attractiveness of Long Chi.


In 2013, local elementary schools and junior high schools worked with residents in the local communities on a project to promote the use of exterior shading devices. Although the project yielded great results, the school could only install exterior shading devices for the second floor due to budgetary constraints. The ground floors of the north- or south-facing buildings were exposed to direct sunlight. In 2014, the school applied for the Sustainable Campus Project to solve the problem of direct sunlight in classrooms and offices on the ground floor and the third floor of the school cafeteria.


In the east building, we have installed movable exterior shading devices and five pieces of stainless steel coating vertical movable exterior sun-shading devices on both the east-facing wall on the third floor and the west-facing wall on the second floor. In addition, the south-facing and west-facing walls on the third floor have been fitted with fixed exterior shading devices and six pieces of stainless steel coating vertical movable exterior sun-shading devices in order to improve heat insulation and save energy in classrooms.


The south building has been equipped with 20 movable blinds to facilitate air circulation in classrooms during the day and at night, while the east building has been fitted with seven movable or fixed blinds to facilitate air circulation and improve air quality in classrooms.


On the rooftop of the east building, we installed five wind ventilators and 15 ventilation grilles to channel heat effectively and facilitate air exchange between the indoor and outdoor environment.


After the project and the new curriculum were implemented, we were able to improve our teaching and learning environment and indoor air quality so that students could learn in comfort. Furthermore, students have been able to understand the concept of sustainability and energy conservation.


Furthermore, we also promote sustainability practices during our parent-teacher meetings and through the Digital Opportunity Center (DOC). The demonstration of our work has increased awareness among local communities on the environment and low-carbon urban development. By tapping into resources in local communities, we hope to mobilize students, parents, the faculty, and local communities to work hand in hand on environmental education.

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  • Long Chi Elementary School
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2014
  • Area: South Taiwan
  • County: Tainan