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Tainan Municipal Cingcao Elementary School


1. Removal of Tree Pits
The sports field is surrounded by many banyan trees, which used to grow in tree pits or planters surrounded with concrete in paved areas. Despite restricted growing space, the tree roots continued to grow and even uplifted the pavement, causing danger to students. Removing tree pits offers a prime example of life education for students to learn to cherish and respect life. The tree pits have now been completely removed to allow more space for trees to grow. In the future, these trees will continue to serve as guardians for the students.

2. Community-friendly Fencing and Educational Garden
When the school was founded 30 years ago, concrete walls separated the campus from the local community and disrupted the landscape in the neighborhood. The concrete walls had not been well maintained over the past 30 years and were at risks of collapsing. In line with the current trend of building community-friendly schools, the school decided to replace the walls with community-friendly fencing. The soil bed that supports the fences also provides nutrients for passion fruits and luffas growing there. We have turned the concrete walls into 30-centimeter tall benches with original graffiti art for students to rest and relax.

The parking sheds were demolished for violating building codes. The steel structure, however, was preserved for the vines to climb, including passion fruits and luffas. Not only does it provide shelter from sunlight, but it also serves as a venue for education where students can learn to grow their own food. On the two sides of the educational gardens are irrigation ditches, which source the water from rainwater harvested in rain barrels. Along the ditches, benches made of scrapped wood planks from the old building have been installed for people to rest and relax.

3. Blind Ditches
The drainage system around the sports field has been in place for 20 years. After years of exposure to sunlight and rain, the system is now in bad conditions. The sports field has been plagued by puddles after heavy rains and, therefore, is in desperate need of blind ditches. After the project is completed, the blind ditches will replace the old drainage system. In addition, the school will set up water catchment areas at suitable locations. At the same time, the school will apply for funds from the Ministry of Education to renovate the old track into a grass track. With white pebbles scattering around in the grass, the new track will be appealing to the eye.

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  • Tainan Municipal Cingcao Elementary School
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2014
  • Area: South Taiwan
  • County: Tainan