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Tainan Municipal Singsing Junior High School


    Schools nurture future talents. Although we have a vast campus with an abundance of plants, global warming caused by climate change has had a direct impact on students!| learning. Zhongxiao building is a 33-year-old building without facilities to cope with the impact brought about by climate change. As a result, the school has been committed to retrofitting the building.

    The Sustainable Campus Project offered a great learning opportunity for the school to integrate construction projects with its curriculum. Teachers, students, and parents were given an opportunity to get involved in this project and share what they have learned with their family and friends. The school hopes to mobilize local communities to work together towards a sustainable environment for future generations.

    The main focus of our renovation project was to improve the built environment, including installing exterior sunshades, setting up plant climbing nets for plants that block sunlight to grow, and facilitating air exchange and ventilation in classrooms and the underground pool in Singsing Building.

    Both the classrooms on the west and east side of Zhongxiao building suffered from direct sunlight for a long time. Students were forced to draw curtains in the classroom and turn on the lights and fans, which consumed a significant amount of power. It was neither energy-efficient nor eco-friendly. When we learned that Jinsyue Elementary School had greatly improved the air quality in its audio-visual classroom by drilling holes, we started to draw up plans to reduce sun glare and improve air circulation in the classrooms. After the plan was implemented, teachers and students were satisfied with the results. In addition, the plan encouraged students to set up plant-climbing nets and grow plants to block sunlight so that they can apply this experience to their home and community.

    After the installation of the air-intake and air exchange system, the underground pool in Singsing Building has become a perfect place to teach students thermal expansion of air by having them observe the convection of smoke from lit incense with the ventilation fans turned on. With the air-intake holes installed at a lower height, the smell of chlorine will no longer be trapped indoors, resulting in a better learning environment.

    Through this project, we have created a better teaching and learning environment for teachers and students. At the same time, we have also taken the advantage of the eco-friendly facilities to show students how green architecture techniques can improve our environment. By doing so, we hope to raise students!| awareness on the environment and sustainability. By promoting the concept of sustainable campus, we hope to extend the influence of the project to local communities so that the roots of life education, character education, environmental education, and related practices can reach into families where we cultivate future talents.
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  • Tainan Municipal Singsing Junior High School
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2014
  • Area: South Taiwan
  • County: Tainan