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Yu-Tsai Primary School

Abstract of Sustainable Campus Project !

1. Background

    Yu-Tsai Primary School was founded in April 1897 as the Yuan-Shan Branch of Yuan-Shan Public School then; with the re-arrangement of administrative areas in October 1950, it was renamed Yi-Lan City Yu-Tsai Elementary School, Yi-Lan County. It was not until the Nine-Year Compulsory Education in 1968 that the school was re-titled Yi-Lan City Yu-Tsai Primary School, Yi-Lan County. Its campus, about 20,590 sq meters, sits on the borders of Yi-Lan City and Yuan-Shan Village, close to Yi-Lan City’s Jin-Shih Road and surrounded by rice farms. The school teaches 282 students in 13 classes and employs 26 staff now. It was under large-scale building refurbishment and renewal between 1998 and 2004. Until then, it had been expanded to its current scale, comprising one administration building, one specifically equipped building (for labs and arts, etc.), two buildings for general uses, and one auditorium. During the refurbishment period, massive greening was also along the way, in a hope to build up a sustainable campus with a diversity of living beings.


2. Content

(a) Tree House and History & Humanities Education (Green Building Material)

Erection of signs detailing the profound humanities legacy of school history and the building of a tree house based on the old trees on the campus and driftwood are geared towards cultivating kids’ appreciation and comprehension of sustainability, and encourage kids to discover and observe the ecosystems round them in their playing.

(b) Tree House Hotel (Green Building Material)

We have recently set up an interactive rubbing board and arranged more information signs for the old trees. Furthermore, the exploration of our diversified living beings on the campus and the construction of a wood platform are all incorporated as part of outdoor education and will be taken as the features of our education.

(c) Hydrologic Cycle and Energy Education (Green Building Material)

A new canvas sign has been put on to illustrate the process of hydrologic cycle, aka water cycle. Also, an information board for energy education was deployed and book shelves and wood chairs were arranged for students’ use.

(d) Permeable Paving (Permeable Pavement)

Voids are adopted for concrete ground to improve its permeability and to provide more air for the earth.


3. Vision

    A green campus of “water”, “greenness” and “health” as an eco-friendly study place for kids’ has always been the aim of our efforts. Our vision is to have 3 classes only for each grade, i.e. 18 classes in all for the school, and to have the number of staff and students under control in 400, so that kids can grow up in an environment for living, playing, study and exploration.

Yu-Tsai  Elementary School 01 Yu-Tsai  Elementary School 02
Yu-Tsai  Elementary School 03 Yu-Tsai  Elementary School 04
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  • Yu-Tsai Primary School
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2009
  • Area: North Taiwan
  • County: I-lan