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Tainan Municipal Liouying District Guoyi Elementary School


Covering 2.6 hectares, Municipal Guoyi Elementary School, a typical village school, is located in Liouying district, Tainan. The artery of this area is Route 165. To the north and south of the campus lie the Dongshan District and Lioujia District, respectively. The school lies within the region of the Chianan Plain, where water for irrigation is supplied by the Chianan Irrigation System.

The slopes of the gutters that lie in front of the west and north buildings are gentle. Grey water from hand-washing and cleaning was directed to these gutters. Because of the gentle slopes, the pitted gutters were poorly drained, becoming a breeding ground for mosquitoes. To solve this problem, in 2009, we replaced the sewers of the basins in front of the Principal's Office with permeable French drains. These drainpipes allow the direct use of reclaimed water to irrigate the flowerbeds right in front of the sink. The employment of this system has been successful so far, the sink has been draining well. Another advantage that comes with the use of the French drains is that flowers in the aforementioned flowerbeds have continued to flourish. Therefore, to avoid poor drainage, we will install permeable drainpipes to direct water to nearby flowerbeds and grasslands. Additionally, we will use the recycled concrete aggregates produced during construction to fill the trench of the French drains. By doing so, we

will not produce any unwanted waste during construction. Also, we will enlarge the gutters to increase the discharge of the gutters and, in turn, improve drainage to deal with torrential rains.

There is a rainwater tank on the roof of the west building. Rainwater is now directed to the gutters instead of being harvested. To conserve more water, we will harvest more rainwater for flushing.

We will continue to devote ourselves to creating a green campus and better using limited water resources by, for example, using reclaimed water for irrigation and harvesting rainwater. In addition, we will educate students on the importance of environmental protection and hope that they will live an eco-friendly life. .

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  • Tainan Municipal Liouying District Guoyi Elementary School
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2014
  • Area: South Taiwan
  • County: Tainan