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Sheng-Li Elementary School


    Our school is located in an antique village in Pingtung County. This cultural community is a witness of Pingtung!|s development. As time goes by, houses have become old. With their sooty tiles, these buildings house their residents in serenity. Our goal is to preserve the local culture and build a sustainable environment. By cooperating with the local community, Sheng-Li Elementary School will be able to promote environmental education for students and community members. As we are transforming into a sustainable school, we can serve as an exemplar of sustainability. Through the practice of sustainable lifestyle and various activities, students will be able to explore more possibilities of the coexistence of nature and men as well as interpersonal relationships. Additionally, students will also learn to be forgiving, patient, and self-disciplined, and appreciate the sustainable use of resources while learning to adopt the right attitudes towards sustainability and the environment.

    Our school is dedicated to putting up green buildings and increasing biodiversity on campus. Some of our teachers and students, without asking for anything in return, have taken the initiative to devote themselves to creating a diverse local ecosystem on campus. They hope to build a green campus that is consistent with international trends by integrating resources, designing environment-oriented curricula, and promoting eco-education. All these efforts start from the school and local community.

    This renovation project is implemented in the second year of the three-year Sustainable Campus Project. Projects for reducing sun glare on the west side of Zhi-Shan Building and improving ventilation and lighting of Sheng-Li Building are due to be completed in the 2014 semester.

    The west side of the Zhi-Shan Building is exposed to direct sun glare. The classrooms there have already been equipped with curtains. The use of curtains, however, increases the use of lamps. Additionally, the lamps, which are currently controlled by a single switch, are TB light tubes, causing wasteful energy consumption.

    The water barriers outside the basement of Sheng-Li Building hinder ventilation and reduce daylighting. Furthermore, the internal light steel frame obstructs the transom window, causing poor ventilation. Therefore, it is too hot to undertake teaching activities inside during sultry summer days. We plan to reduce the size of the water barriers, remove the light steel frame, and install ventilators to increase lighting and ventilation.

    With the three-year Sustainable Campus Project, we aim at improving our campus environment and educating students on the importance of sustainability and energy conservation. We also hope to raise their awareness on natural resources, such as water, solar energy, and other forms of energy, and help them appreciate nature through the project. We hope that our students will adopt an environmentally-friendly lifestyle and become green global citizens.
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  • Sheng-Li Elementary School
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2014
  • Area: South Taiwan
  • County: Pingtung