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SinYi Elementary School


Established in 1995 and covering an area of 21,637 m2, Sin-Yi Elementary School is located on Xinyi Road in Beishi Borough of Pingtung City. Our building coverage ratio is 27%, the green cover ratio is 37%, and the pervious rate is 46%. There are 603 students and 42 teachers in our middle-sized school. Once you pass through the main gate, you will see tall and welcoming Madagascar almond and mahogany trees and stately royal palms. Buildings are covered with red tiles. In these buildings, children learn to appreciate arts and be moral. Children also stay fit by doing exercise and playing sports on green grasslands and red running tracks. Our goal is to help students learn humanities, become healthier, and develop a well-rounded personality. We hope to create a clean and serene campus where students can develop heightened awareness on environmental protection.

    I. Vision: Build a healthy and safe campus where students are able to acquire knowledge on humanities and become environmentally conscious.

    II. Goals: Improve students!| reading proficiency, health, creativity, confidence, and the ability to appreciate arts.

    III. Means: Create an environment where students are able to receive moral education, improve health, foster innovation, pursue excellence, and uphold these core values.

    The project completed in 2014 is the first-year program of the five-year Sustainable Campus Project. In this project, we have improved ventilation and lighting within classrooms and installed sunshades, screen windows, and blinds. Because of this project, our classrooms are no longer sultry. In addition, water no longer seeps through the windows. Next year, we will improve ventilation and install sunshades in the buildings in the west and east as well as classrooms in the atrium in order to improve the quality of teaching. Schools are where students learn and become outstanding. To enable a friendlier environment for learning and recreation, we have built an art space and published picture books based on the community history. Only by raising the environmental awareness of teachers and students can we truly live a low-carbon lifestyle and incorporate environmental education into the community and school.
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  • SinYi Elementary School
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2014
  • Area: South Taiwan
  • County: Pingtung