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Wen Hua Junior High School


I. Through this Sustainable Campus Project, we aim at building a natural and carbon-free campus. We hope to improve ventilation and lighting inside the gym, the audio-visual lab, and the computer lab by allowing more natural light into these spaces. In doing so, we can build a ¡§natural light space.¡¨ II. We will develop a curriculum in hopes of improving students¡¦ health. Additionally, we aim to become a model school for energy technology education. III. We will develop our curriculum and teaching material as well as train teachers to have a comprehensive curriculum of ¡§Light, Heat, and Wind.¡¨ IV. We will render our campus more beautiful by incorporating art creations into our school. Also, we will invite local community members to do leisure activities in our school. By doing so, the school will serve as a park and become an integral part of the community. V. We encourage teachers and students to teach and learn in the community so as to learn with community members. This way, the school and the community are brought closer. VI. We will build an environment to help students broaden their horizons, foster a sense of aesthetics, and develop their personalities. VII. We will establish a healthy learning environment for students to learn efficiently. VIII. We will cooperate with our NPO and NGO partners, including the community development associations of Ai-Ding, Gang-Bian, Gang-Kou, and Cun-Ren, as well as Wu-Wei River Cultural and Education Association to develop and promote the aforementioned curriculum. IX. We will organize activities to facilitate exchanges, integration, and sharing of resources among schools, organizations, and industries. In this way, we will be able to facilitate the formation of a development platform for strategic alliances of sustainable schools. X. We will become a partner school to promote the concept and spirit of sustainable campus so as to attract more schools to participate in this program.
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  • Wen Hua Junior High School
  • System: High school
  • Report year: 2014
  • Area: North Taiwan
  • County: I-lan