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Yuanshan Junior High School


Goals and items of renovation Improve ventilation within the gym Problem:

   Rainwater often leaked through the vents on the roof of the building. To solve this problem, tempered glasses were installed. This, however, hindered the release of hot air from the gym. Ventilation was only possible through a total of 57 small vents (40cm*60cm) on the two parallel walls of the gym. Furthermore, the building is 24m*48m*9m big. In other words, these two walls are located far away from each other, leading to poor ventilation.

  The gym is the main venue for physical education in our school. Students are vulnerable to heat exhaustion when doing exercise in the building.

Strategy:   The gym is an east-west building. Land and sea breezes blow through Yilan all year round. Winds blow from the east in the daytime and the west in the nighttime. There were many barred windows and only a few sliding windows. This caused poor ventilation in the gym. We have replaced the barred windows with outward-opening windows to improve ventilation and release heat.

The project:
  There are four windows installed on the east curtain wall to allow the inflow of air; three windows were installed on the east wall to allow the outflow of air. Cool air flows in from the lower openings, whereas hot air flows out from the higher openings to create circulation.

  Conclusion (results and benefits):   There are more openings in the gym now. Tapping into the local sea and land breezes, we have successfully improved ventilation in the gym.

  Students now understand that one of the causes of wind is temperature differentials. By using wind roses of Yilan, they have gained a better understanding of changes in the direction of land and sea breezes in summer.

  We have taught students to use simple materials to make anemometers and compasses to measure wind directions outside the gym. In doing so, students will be able to make long-term weather records and understand the differences between large-scale and small-scale weather events.
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  • Yuanshan Junior High School
  • System: High school
  • Report year: 2014
  • Area: North Taiwan
  • County: I-lan