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Hushan Elementary School


    In response to nature!|s fury and ever-growing environmental consciousness among the general public, we hope to build a carbon-free campus, develop plans to use integrated green energy and recycled materials, improve campus safety, and prevent disasters. There are five collaborating schools in this program. We will carry out the aforementioned plans with the most efficient use of natural resources, energy, and management practices.

     Our project in 2013 is the extension of the project in 2012. We hope to turn crises into opportunities. Due to an abundance of rainfall and poor drainage, puddles often form on grasslands. Through the use of natural materials, we are now able to improve drainage. Additionally, grassed waterways help to replenish ground water, accelerate drainage, and, in turn, prevent floods. We have installed a new water pump to extract water in the grassed waterways and replenish water in existing water tanks. Also, we use rapids outside the campus to drive a hydropower generator. Electricity generated in this way is used to supply LEDs with power during the nighttime. This is an example of using renewable energy and conserving energy. From this example, we can learn that water is a valuable resource.

    As for improving the indoor environment, we have made substantial changes by increasing indoor ventilation and better using sunlight. We have installed high windows and aluminum boards to improve indoor lighting. The windows and diffuse reflection of the aluminum boards have turned the once humid, hot, and smelly space into a clean and comfortable space with sufficient light. Lights in toilets can be turned off during the daytime; floors are no longer wet. We have also altered the circuits of the light tubes inside the classrooms to effectively reduce the need of switching the power and the use of lights. In other words, we have made optimal use of natural resources, such as light, heat, and air.

    Environmental protection is high on our school!|s agenda. Students, naturally, are eco-conscious. Educating students on the importance of environmental protection is the responsibility of a sustainable school, and this is what we are committed to now.
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  • Hushan Elementary School
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2014
  • Area: North Taiwan
  • County: I-lan