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Cheng-Jeng Elementary School


    The predecessor of Cheng-Jeng Elementary School was the Affiliated Children¡¦s Home of the ROC Army established in Duyun, Guizhou in 1939. In 1948, it was reestablished in the neighborhood of the Whampoa New Villiage in Fongshan District, where many military bases were located. The school is adjacent to the central business area of Fongshan District. Compared with other schools in the district center, the school has a large campus and is quiet and safe. Each student has an average space of 30 Pyongs (equivalent to 99.3 square meters). The school is like a garden in the city. It has a beautiful environment where the faculty and students can enjoy the blue sky, green trees, flowers, butterflies, and birds.

    The school environment has a huge impact on children because they spend most of their time in school while growing up. Nonetheless, children were deprived of opportunities to be part of the school¡¦s renovation projects in the past due to safety and sanitation concerns. The ever-changing environment nowadays presents an opportunity for us to raise children¡¦s awareness on sustainability. Through the help of green technology in the renovation project, children are able to experience and explore nature and develop their capacity to care about life and the environment as well as the ability to solve environmental problems. That is why sustainable development should be the priority of every school.

    The purpose of the school¡¦s intermediate and long-term development project (2014-2017) is to ¡§turn our students into green-collar CEOs.¡¨ In terms of environment building, the school has carried out the following projects: a demonstration area of aquatic plants and animals; the green campus project from 2010 to 2011; improvement of permeable pavement in the front yard in 2012; improvement of the teaching farm in 2013; improvement of permeable pavement in the front yard of He-Ping Building and establishment of a banyan tree area in 2014; improvement of permeable pavement in the parking lot, design of courses on military dependents¡¦ villages, and establishment of a demonstration garden in 2015. The school will launch a project to establish an observation area of birds on campus in 2016 and a project to level uneven ground between school buildings in 2017.

    The school has also organized several workshops and field trips on environmental education for the faculty and students on Wednesdays in the Moon World, Cijing Seaside Park, Chukou Nature Center, Aogu Wetlands and Forest Park, Yongling Shanlin Organic Farm, and so on. In terms of life and environmental protection education, the school sets one day each week to serve only vegetables for lunch, adopts green procurement practices, and installs water-saving sinks. The aforementioned projects and approaches have helped raise the awareness of environmental protection and energy conservation for the faculty and students and led the school one step closer to sustainable development. .

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  • Cheng-Jeng Elementary School
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2014
  • Area: South Taiwan
  • County: Kaohsiung