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Jiou Liao Elementary School(JLES)


1. Vision of the Sustainable Campus Project

Located in the remote mountainous area in northern Pingtung County, JLES operates six elementary classes and one kindergarten class comprisinga total of 107 students. Because of a severe mudflow caused by Typhoon Morakot in 2009, several dump trucks have been traversing Provincial Highway 27 for the dredging process, which is estimated to be complete in 2021. Consequently, the school has suffered air and noise pollution because of its proximity to the highway (within 25 meters), besides suffering damage from Typhoon Morakot. In addition, the north!Vsouth orientation of the classrooms has resulted in stiflingly hot afternoons, which affectsstudent learning.

To fulfill our goal to save energy and reduce carbon emission, as well as to integrate local heritage, the committee led by our principal and administrative team proposed a greening project for a sustainable campus and a comfortable teaching and learning environment in JLES. The objectives of the restructuring project are as follows:

    a. Installation of aluminum sunshades for energy-saving and a cool learning environment.

    b. Replacement of unnecessary concrete pavement with a permeable pavement, and plants on top of the permeable pavement for greenery.

    c. Adjustment of the switch circuits of lighting and fans in each classroom on the first floor to reduce the cost of utilities by installing switches for individual devices.

    d. Installation of gutters on the roof (10 meters in height) of the indoor sports ground to prevent erosion during monsoon seasons.

2. Assessment of the project

    a. Since the installation of aluminum sunshades, approximately 50% of the solar radiation has been blocked and classroom temperatures have been reduced by 2¢XC!V4¢XC, resulting in a reduction in utility expenses.

    b. The permeable pavement has reduced puddling on the soft surface, and an elegant landscape is expected when the grass on the surface grows.

    c. Since the adjustment of the switch circuits, the lights and fans in each classroom have only been turned on when necessary, resulting in a reduction in utility expenses.

    d. Since the installation of gutters on of the roof, potholes near the indoor sports ground has been eliminated, resulting in a safer environment for the students.
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  • Jiou Liao Elementary School(JLES)
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2015
  • Area: South Taiwan
  • County: Pingtung