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Lan Tan Elementary School(LTES)


    Located near the Lantan Reservoir in the East District of Chiayi City, LTES enjoys abundant ecological resources and is recognized as the !§Forest School!‥ of Chiayi City. LTES is the only elementary school in Taiwan with an observatory, and is known for its natural science and astronomy education.

    In environmental education, LTES promotes energy saving and water conservation, and it has been recognized as a model school in water conservation by winning contests sponsored by the Water Resource Agency.!§Healthy growth!‥ was the first unveiled educational vision of LTES. Through tailored course designs, LTES aims to develop student adaptability for the future. LTES expects to integrate this restructuring plan with engineering projects and student courses. Through modularization and systematization of the courses, environmental education will also be cultivated at LTES. Sustainability in courses translates to sustainability in maintenance, and the goal of a sustainable campus will be attained at LTES.

    A briefing of the Sustainable Campus Project was well-received by students and teachers of LTES. The faculty members are in a mission to transform LTES into a natural, environmental, ecological, energy-saving, healthy, and safe sustainable campus.

    The project aims to use the abundant storage volume of the existing raft foundation at LTES to water plants and clay tracks, wash trash disposal sites, and refill the ecological ponds. In addition, the project aims to integrate and share water resources with the community by effectively reducing tap water consumption at LTES. The water supply system will be gravity-based for energy conservation. With labeled pipelines of reclaimed water and installed see-through water meters, the rainwater harvesting system also serves as teaching materials for LTES.
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  • Lan Tan Elementary School(LTES)
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2015
  • Area: South Taiwan
  • County: Chiayi