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Sheng-Li Elementary School (SLES)


    SLES is focused on developing a sustainable learning environment and courses. For several years, SLES has gradually transformed to an ecofriendly, energy-saving, waste-reducing, and healthy campus. Not only have the faculty members and students been positively influenced, but the sustainability rationale has also been promoted to surrounding communities.

    Through a series of projects, SLES has added water permeable surfaces on campus to conserve rainwater, reduce the direct insolation in classrooms, and improve ventilation and lighting circuits in classrooms. These projects have gradually fulfilled the goal of offering an energy-saving and healthy campus. Through the development and instruction of a school-based curriculum, SLES students have learned energy-saving and carbon-reducing behaviors, and have developed an increased awareness of environmental protection and sustainability.

    The external shading construction of the Qin Xue Building has improved the heat and direct insolation problems in the classrooms. Additionally, the concrete surface surrounding the fig trees adjacent to the basketball court has been replaced with water permeable pavement on campus, and provides the banyan trees with a friendly growing space. Overall, the implementation of this Sustainable Campus Project has improved the SLES campus, and the teachers and students!| continuous efforts have transformed SLES to a promotion center of sustainable campuses in Pingtung County.
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  • Sheng-Li Elementary School (SLES)
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2015
  • Area: South Taiwan
  • County: Pingtung