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Dajia Elementary School (DJES)


Key transformations on the DJES campus during the 2015¡V2016 academic year:

1. Establishment of the rainwater harvesting system in the Hong Yang Building.

2. Installation of external flexible shades in the Principal Office on the east side and southwestern office in the Hong Yang Building.

3. Installation of adjustable blinds and vents in the classrooms in the Jing Si Building.


Upcoming construction projects for a sustainable campus:

1. Water and energy conservation in practice: DJES advocates using renewable energy for increased sustainability. To reduce on-campus power consumption, DJES has adopted a solar power system, and will continue to promote the installation of solar and wind power systems to further reduce consumption. Furthermore, DJES will implement rainwater harvesting and sewage treatment systems and promote water-saving campaigns to reduce water usage by 20%, or approximately 780 degrees (m3) annually.

2. Promotion of indigenous species reproduction and ecological conservation: DJES aims to restore local species for educational needs by developing an appropriate habitat for them. In addition, the student tour guides will promote ecological conservation and education about local species to the surrounding communities and the elementary and junior high schools in nearby counties.

3. DJES plans to integrate energy conservation awareness with instruction courses and activities for a stronger root in environmental sustainability education.

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  • Dajia Elementary School (DJES)
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2015
  • Area: South Taiwan
  • County: Tainan