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Salesian Technical School


    However, after several decades the honeycomb blinds have lost their shading efficiency because of environmental changes, and the lighting and ventilation infrastructure has also aged and lost efficiency. Previously, the blinds were installed for shading, and electric fans were installed for ventilation.

    However, extra fans, air conditioners, and light tubes were installed because the blinds worsened ventilation, humidity, and lighting; thus, the equipment and energy costs have increased annually. In recent years, environmental awareness has grown, and environmental sustainability has gradually attracted attention; in response, the Salesian Technical School has proposed several solutions to on-campus problems.

    In 2013, the school applied to the Sustainable Campus Project and proposed improvement plans for the ventilation systems in the Student Activity Center and Engineering Building, and flexible circuits of lighting equipment in the classrooms. The project yielded excellent results, particularly in the natural ventilators and ventilation grilles in the Student Activity Center. In 2015, the school proposed more improvement plans for urgent problems, such as waterlogging throughout the campus, direct insolation in buildings, factory ventilation, and wall reconstruction.

    To formulate a healthy and efficient learning environment, the designated school budget was used on some of the aforementioned problems, and the rest were addressed by applying to the Sustainable Campus Project. The school received funds from the project for natural ventilators in the Student Factory, vertical blinds in the Electrical Engineering Building, and horizontal blinds for the western side of the Administration Building.

    Before the implementation of the aforementioned construction projects, the Section Chief of General Affairs announced the source of funds and addressed the safety concerns of the project during a morning assembly. Subsequently, students formulated the basic concepts of environmental sustainability by visiting the construction sites and participating in lectures and experiential courses. After the completion of the construction projects, the school presented a briefing and review before all the faculty members and students.

    The teachers and students had formulated the concept of sustainability through a learning-by-doing method, and engaged with the results after campus transformation. Today, the school expects the students to remember the importance of sustainability after graduation, and expects the teachers to integrate environmental sustainability into future courses.

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  • Salesian Technical School
  • System: High school
  • Report year: 2015
  • Area: South Taiwan
  • County: Tainan