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Qiao Sin Elementary School (QSES)


    Established in 1960 after the Great August 7 Flood, QSES has been an urban elementary school for 55 years. As sustainability has become a popular trend, QSES has proactively sought transformation options for various ongoing sustainability issues on the campus.

    Following financial aid from the Sustainable Campus Project sponsored by the Ministry of Education, QSES proposed several development visions targeting environmental education and campus sustainability, including formulating an ecofriendly campus space, developing students!| attitudes toward localism, enhancing environmental knowledge, providing students with experiential opportunities, and implementing energy-saving goals for ecological sustainability. The 2-year construction projects began in 2014. Items in Year 1 consisted of providing shading and wind-deflecting blinds to improve the indoor environment, and lighting circuits to save energy and reduce carbon emissions. The outcomes have effectively alleviated the direct insolation in the lower-grade classrooms, reduced energy expenses, and developed student knowledge about sustainability.

    Construction in Year 2 has continued to improve the learning environment and increase energy saving. Because the Administration Building has a north!Vsouth orientation, it is affected by direct insolation from the east and west. In addition, power consumption in the Administration Building is higher than that of the classroom buildings because of the longer operating hours and the inefficient T8 fluorescent lamps. Therefore, the installation of improved lighting circuits will directly reduce power consumption in the Administration Building, and the combination of newly installed shading and wind-deflecting blinds and existing window screens will improve the indoor convective heat transfer by formulating effective ventilation paths.
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  • Qiao Sin Elementary School (QSES)
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2015
  • Area: Middle Taiwan
  • County: Changhua