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Jiou-Ru Primary School (JRPS)


Established in 1980, JRPS is located in a rustic aging neighborhood in Gushan District. Many JRPS students are from underprivileged families and are raised by their grandparents. JRPS is a learning resource center for the surrounding communities, but the budget for instruction equipment has failed to meet the educational needs for several years. Therefore, to formulate a quality campus environment, JRPS has begun prioritizing enhanced instruction quality, providing students with optimal learning opportunities and conditions, and improving teaching efficiency. Currently, JRPS has two kindergarten classes, 20 regular classes, and one special education class, totaling 558 students. JRPS is classified as a small school, and the faculty members are diverse in age. The school exhibits administrative efficiency and a low faculty turnover rate.


Unlike the overcrowded schools in urban Kaohsiung, JRPS is a quiet and safe campus where students have access to Chaishan. A clear sky view and ample greenery on campus make JRPS comparable to a ¡§forest school.¡¨

Jiou-Ru Primary School (JRPS) 01 Jiou-Ru Primary School (JRPS) 02
Jiou-Ru Primary School (JRPS) 03 Jiou-Ru Primary School (JRPS) 04
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  • Jiou-Ru Primary School (JRPS)
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2015
  • Area: South Taiwan
  • County: Kaohsiung