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Dong-Shan Elementary School (DSES)


DSES vows to formulate a safe, sanitary, and energy-saving learning environment. Through its campus infrastructure, DSES integrates topics related to environmental issues into its courses and activities; this develops students!| abilities to address future environmental challenges and adaption. All environmental plans and designs at DSES aim to correspond with environmental sustainability. Therefore, the objectives listed in the DSES application to the Sustainable Campus Project are as follows:

    (a) To improve and formulate a safe, sanitary, and energy-saving campus environment.

    (b) To implement environmental transformation according to educational views and requirements.

    (c) To provide an opportunity for resource integration and develop systematic environmental curricula for DSES.

    (d) To provide enriching environmental education resources and become the community center of environmental education.

    The DSES principal has personally promised that DSES will collaborate with Shin-Ying and Hsin-Tai Elementary Schools to formulate a sustainable campus and become a promotion center of environmental education by combining environmental transformation projects and environmental education courses. DSES will also collaborate with its faculty members, community leaders, and experts to propose a blueprint of campus environmental planning for the 2015!V2017 academic years, according to the environmental characteristics of DSES, teacher and student activities, and current educational status. DSES is committed to campus sustainability and environmental education promotion.
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  • Dong-Shan Elementary School (DSES)
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2015
  • Area: South Taiwan
  • County: Tainan