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Hsin-Tai Elementary School (HTES)


HTES vows to offer a teaching and learning environment throughout the campus by developing an ecofriendly campus infrastructure. In addition, HTES encourages teachers and students to discover environmental problems on campus and propose innovative and effective solutions for energy conservation through its interdisciplinary courses. HTES is committed to achieving a sustainable campus environment by promoting a low-carbon and green-value lifestyle.


The objectives of the proposed improvement plan are as follows:

(a)Installation of a loop control and a power consumption monitoring system in the classrooms, offices, and the principal¡¦s office. Through the optimal decentralized circuit design of lighting instruments, the indoor illumination quality will be ensured and monitored; this may also serve as a reference for future improvement projects in HTES.


(b) Pavement of recycled floor mats and layered bricks on the roof of the kitchen for thermal insulation and ventilation. The poor endothermic property of the floor mats will reduce the accumulation of thermal energy, and the layered bricks will facilitate convection to alleviate sultriness in the kitchen.


(c) Improvement of the glare problem with the blackboards in the fourth-floor classrooms in the Administration Building. These south-facing fifth-grade classrooms are affected by direct insolation, which results in severe glaring of the blackboards. HTES will install flexible light-guiding plates to adjust the quantity and angle of lighting in these classrooms and alleviate the glare.


(d) Installation of horizontal blinds in the south end of the offices to alleviate direct insolation and maintain ventilation. This improvement will also reduce lighting and fan usage.


Notably, the HTES project team converts the context of improvement projects into teaching materials for systematic environmental education throughout the campus. In addition, HTES offers self-directed individual learning courses for community members, and for students and teachers from other schools. HTES will continue to develop environmental sustainability throughout the campus.

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  • Hsin-Tai Elementary School (HTES)
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2015
  • Area: South Taiwan
  • County: Tainan