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I Lan Commercial Vocational Senior High School


    The south sides of the second through fourth floors of the Teaching Building (comprising 36 of the 42 classrooms in the building) experience direct insolation throughout the day, particularly on the fourth floor before 10:00AM.Although air conditioners are currently available in classrooms throughout the building, the effects of constant direct insolation include excessive UV exposure, sunlight on the student desks, glare problems on the blackboards, and extremely high temperatures in the summers.

In response, I-Sun plans to install louvers on the south side of the Teaching Building to alleviate direct insolation. The expected improvements are as follows:     (a) Students will no longer be directly exposed to UV rays.

    (b) The sunlight will no longer affect students!| activities at their desks.

    (c) The glare problem on the blackboards will be eliminated, and students will be able to read the blackboards clearly.

    (d) The sunlight will be insulated from outside the classrooms, resulting in lower classroom temperatures in the summers, a lower demand on air conditioning, energy conservation, and carbon emission reduction.

    To develop students!| knowledge in sustainability and energy conservation, I-Sun has designed a special earth sciences course entitled !§A Tilted Sun.!‥ The course will introduce the apparent path of the sun, the 23.5¢X axial tilt of the Earth, and the rotation and revolution of the Earth. In addition, the course will explain phenomena such as the southward-tilted apparent path of the sun and direct insolation, and interpret why the shading blinds may alleviate these problems. Because the classrooms on the south side of the Teaching Building experienced related problems, these classrooms were redesigned using the concepts taught in this new course.

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  • I Lan Commercial Vocational Senior High School
  • System: High school
  • Report year: 2015
  • Area: North Taiwan
  • County: I-lan