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Dong Rong Elementary School (DRES)


(a) The area outside the southern wall of DRES is a natural ecological area. However, the aging walls and unstable foundation soil, along with the presence of the overgrowing camphor trees indicate that the walls may collapse any time, threatening student safety on campus. Therefore, DRES plans to demolish the walls and build eco-friendly fences. The construction will integrate the ecological corridor, prevent collapse of the campus infrastructure, and enlarge teaching places for students to observe biodiversity easily.


(2) Because of the sub-replacement fertility, each class comprises approximately ten students at DRES and the lighting circuits in the classrooms are no longer suitable to current usage. Therefore, DRES will promote energy conservation and monitor power consumption by adjusting the current lighting circuits in all the classrooms to reduce power wastage.

Dong Rong Elementary School (DRES) 01 Dong Rong Elementary School (DRES) 02
Dong Rong Elementary School (DRES) 03 Dong Rong Elementary School (DRES) 04
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  • Dong Rong Elementary School (DRES)
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2015
  • Area: Middle Taiwan
  • County: Yunlin