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Bliss and Wisdom Senior High School (BWSH)


    (a) According to the comprehensive planning of the 2014 Sustainable Campus Project sponsored by the Ministry of Education, BWSH requested financial aid from the 2015 project to build heat insulation on the roofs of the classrooms.

    (b) The BWSH campus features a north!Vsouth rectangular orientation, and is 291 m long and 180 m wide. The structures comprise four buildings, a playground, two 5-story dormitories on the south side of the campus, and two office buildings on the north side (one 4-story and one 5-story building). The 4-story office building hosts the library, general classrooms, and administration office, and the 5-story building is primarily classrooms.

    (c) According to statistical data from the Central Weather Bureau, the Chiayi Observation Station (the station closest to the BWSH campus)recorded163.2 days with temperatures over 30¢XCand 2,066 hours of annual insolation from 1981 to 2010, with both measurements ranking third on the island. In addition, the data also revealed that the annual average high temperature is28.2¢XC, which is the second highest on the island. These results suggest that BWSH must deal with severe heat problems during the summers, particularly because all of the BWSH buildings currently lack air conditioners and the students and teachers experience blazing heat from the +50¢XC high temperature on the roof. It is imperative that this severe disturbance on learning efficiency is addressed immediately.

    (d) Improvement plan: According to the comprehensive planning of the 2014 Sustainable Campus Project, BWSH has installed insulation netting on the roofs to alleviate the heat problem on top floors.

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  • Bliss and Wisdom Senior High School (BWSH)
  • System: High school
  • Report year: 2015
  • Area: Middle Taiwan
  • County: Yunlin