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Chia Hsin Junior High School (CHJS)


Current issues on CHJS campus:

       (a) The sidewalks on the north side of campus feature impermeable concrete pavement and buttress tree roots have already erupted to the ground level, threatening the safety of students and local residents. In addition, the uneven leveling causes waterlogging when it rains.

       (b) Because of the uneven road leveling caused by buttress tree roots, the concrete sidewalks leading into the student parking area on the west side of campus blocks traffic caused by waterlogging when it rains. Furthermore, the concrete pavement has suffered from years of accumulated damage by the buttress roots, resulting in hazardous edges and corners on the surface.

       (c) The aging concrete walls may collapse during strong winds. Thus, the collapsed portion is fenced in by steel boards, resulting in poor aesthetics and a dissociation between the school and surrounding communities.

Expected outcomes of the improvement plan:

       (a) Interaction with surrounding communities:
By installing ecofriendly fencing and permeable pavements, CHJS will formulate a green community that helps students and local residents understand the benefits of these designs. Furthermore, students and residents may begin to cultivate knowledge of and interest in sustainability at younger ages, and become Earth citizens in the future.

       (b) On-campus outcomes:

       1. By engaging with ecofriendly infrastructure, CHJS teachers and students will learn about the implications of environmental education outside of textbooks.

       2. Through lesson plans and related activities, CHJS teacher and students will further understand related information regarding campus sustainability.
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  • Chia Hsin Junior High School (CHJS)
  • System: High school
  • Report year: 2015
  • Area: South Taiwan
  • County: Chiayi