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Yun Shui Elementary School (YSES)


Located at the intersection of Provincial Highway 3 and County Highway 172, YSES is situated in the southeastern Zhongpu Township. The slope land conservation area adjacent to YSES has an area of 29,281 km2, and the YSES campus has an elevation difference of 20 m across the campus. The Siraya National Scenic Area features a tourist information kiosk on YSES campus, and has constructed restrooms for tourists and residents. YSES features abundant ecological resources, and also serves as an evacuation shelter for the Dongxing and Zhonglun Villages during mudslides.


Because tap water is not available at YSES, the school relies on rainwater and river water. Although YSES receives an annual 2,378.6 mm of precipitation, monthly precipitation is unevenly distributed. Rainstorms occur frequently during the rainy season from April to September, resulting in unusable turbid river water;conversely, during the dry season from October to March, there is typically no rain for 1¡V2 months and the river is almost desiccated. Therefore, YSES is committed to implementing effective solutions regarding water resources.


Facing a high annual water demand of approximately 355 m3, YSES constantly seeks new solutions. In 2014, YSES stabilized the water supply on campus by connecting to the community¡¦s water supply system. However, both the school and the community faced the same problem of uneven rainwater distribution. YSES has promoted and taught the concept of water conservation to both parents and students at numerous occasions. Moreover, YSES has not only replaced water-saving equipment by reallocating their limited budget, but has also applied for financial aid from the Chiayi County Government. Therefore, YSES can be viewed as successfully implementing water conservation into school life.

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  • Yun Shui Elementary School (YSES)
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2015
  • Area: South Taiwan
  • County: Chiayi