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Jing Liau Elementary School(JLES)


Established in 1911, JLES has an aging and obsolete infrastructure, with various environmental changes causing many problems.


During the spring and fall, students seated in the first row experienced glare problems caused by direct insolation. Curtains or posters were added for shading, but power consumption was consequently increased from the use of lighting devices. Additionally, the tiered seating in the audiovisual classrooms had produced safety concerns because of four extremely low windows. The students were discouraged from opening these windows, which resulted in further wasted power. Rainwater from the front side of the roof was not recycled, and the resulting wet floor and moss became another safety concern. The stairs were shaded on three sides and were poorly lit, and were also victim to wind shear noise and wet surfaces on rainy days. The additional power consumption for lighting and disturbance to the classrooms adjacent to the stairs were other pressing concerns. Finally, waterlogging occurred on the stairs during rainy days and affected all of the floors.


However, through rainwater harvesting and promotion of energy education, JLES students have learned the concepts of water and energy conservation. The students have further influenced their family members to reduce power and water consumption, both at school and home, because they recognized the importance of the environment and became committed to protecting it. The increased recycled rainwater storage during rainy seasons can be used to water plants or flush toilets. Rainwater harvesting not only alleviates water shortages, but also reduces the social cost and ecological damage caused by reservoir development. The improved indoor environment has reduced safety hazards caused by wind, noise, and light, and provides JLES students a healthy and comfortable learning environment.

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  • Jing Liau Elementary School(JLES)
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2015
  • Area: South Taiwan
  • County: Tainan