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Longci Elementary School (LCES)


Located in a rural and unpolluted area, LCES is perceived to be a school in the middle of nowhere. However, its remoteness is a utopia for the laid-back Longci residents, which includes a breathtaking view of the Huxing Mountain, unpolluted land, and the expansive the mountainous landscape.


During the 2015 Sustainable Campus Project, LCES installed flexible louvers to improve ventilation. The excellent results prompted LCES to install additional adjustable blinds in 12 locations in the second-floor classrooms of the South Building, vertical sliding doors in six classrooms, and ventilation grilles on the ceiling of six locations in the second-floor classrooms, which have effectively improved the convection and air quality in the school.


Located in a mountainous area, LCES has few students and an extensive campus. Despite featuring sloped roofs and rainwater pipelines, LCES did not recycle rainwater during rainy seasons in the past. However, the 2015 Sustainable Campus Project enhanced the existing rainwater pipelines on campus. Specifically, new rainwater recycle pipelines were installed on the sloped roof in the East Building, and 20-ton rainwater recycle storage barrels were added to the roof of the South Building. The recycled rainwater is used for flushing toilets, plantation, and watering the teaching farm. The project has successfully implemented rainwater harvesting and reduced tap water consumption, resulting in notable water conservation and cost reduction.


The 2015 Sustainable Campus Project also addressed the aging infrastructure in the classrooms. The redesigned lighting circuits have facilitated energy conservation in the classrooms and offices, and the newly installed circulation fans have eliminated the glare problems caused by the old ceiling fans. These projects, along with the previously completed external blinds, have helped students understand how to improve indoor environments in sustainable ways.


Additionally, LCES has installed a solar water heating system on the roof of the kitchen to provide the kitchen and shower rooms with hot water;as a result, the students have learned to treasure environmental resources at a young age.


LCES also promotes sustainability using parental conferences, parental education panels, and digital opportunity centers. In addition, LCES demonstrates the significance of environmental improvement to local residents, and promotes energy-saving consciousness in the township.

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  • Longci Elementary School (LCES)
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2015
  • Area: South Taiwan
  • County: Tainan