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Da Dun Elementary School (DDES)


DDES proposed several improvement requirements for its 2015 Sustainable Campus Project, according to educational urgency. A committee was formed for discussion and planning, and after collecting opinions from various disciplines (including natural science and life science), DDES filed an application for the project.


DDES proposed to extend its existing environmental education courses and the Da Dun Big Tree, which is the school-based curriculum of DDES. The objective was to ¡§formulate significant changes in life and learning through environmental improvement.¡¨ In short, DDES expects teachers and students to understand problems in everyday life and to adapt to these problems through the environmental improvement process.


The current problem DDES faced is heat in the top-floor classrooms. The south-facing front building is three stories tall and the north-facing rear building is four stories tall, with two subject classrooms on the third floors and the roof connecting the corridors to the classrooms on the top floor. Extensive shading facilities are not available for the roofs, and although the two top-floor classrooms feature sloped roofs, insulation, and ventilation, students and teachers still experience a hot and humid indoor environment during the summers. The classroom temperature frequently exceeds 30¢XC, which severely affects students¡¦ and teachers¡¦ emotions and contributes to health problems.


The causes of and solutions to problems are crucial factors that DDES has integrated into its development of course design. Key concepts discussed by the committee included the heat source and air flow patterns in classrooms, general air flow direction on campus, effects of critical thinking on building improvement, power consumption challenges from additional infrastructure, feasibility of various green roofs, feasibility of integrating the school-based curriculum, feasibility of solar power, potential water sources for green roofs, and potential noise problems associated with ventilation.

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  • Da Dun Elementary School (DDES)
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2015
  • Area: Middle Taiwan
  • County: Taichung