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Wungang Elementary School (WGES)


    The Wungang, Sanjiang, and Tung-Shih Elementary Schools in Dongshi Township shared common problems associated with coastal humid indoor environments, greening difficulties, soil salinity, strong sea wind and insolation, and land subsidence. The schools aimed to improve salinization, reduce the effects of strong winds, and grow green plants for ecological enrichment on campus. In addition, the schools planned to formulate healthy campuses for sustainability by reducing the heat problems, improving indoor environment, and alleviating campus waterlogging. The three schools intended to share resources and invite community participation for sustainability: they had formed a strategic alliance for campus sustainability. Expert advice and the schools' physical conditions were considered for the construction projects. According to the discussion results with school officials and architects, the objectives of the 2015 construction projects were as follows:

        (a) Energy conservation design Problem: Poor design of lighting circuits in northern classrooms wastes power. Solution: Renovate the lighting circuits with power switches for individual sections to reduce power consumption.

        (b) Improvement of indoor environment Problem: Both the north¡Vsouth Teaching Building and east¡Vwest Yongqing Building lack shading facilities because of their proximity to the coast, resulting in severe problems from direct insolation. Solution: Install louver blinds in the first- and second-floor hallways, which enable ventilation, insulation, and shield the corridors from falling rain.

        (c) Permeable pavement Problems: The gutters outside the sports field exhibit a higher elevation than the sports field does, resulting in waterlogged running tracks during rain. Solution: Install gravel permeable pavement surrounding the gutters and drill holes for water diversion.

        (d) Ecofriendly fences Problem: The existing walls hinder interaction between WGES and the community. Additionally, the shallow road beyond the south wall, the singular entrance at the south, and the singular parking lot in the north contribute to traffic congestion and safety hazards for both students and vehicles. Solution: Demolish the south wall and install of ecofriendly fences and permeable gravel parking spots. In addition, create a WGES-designated waiting area for parents and a rest area for local residents.

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  • Wungang Elementary School (WGES)
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2015
  • Area: South Taiwan
  • County: Chiayi