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Siatan Elementary School

Sustainable Siatan, Happy Campus !

A sustainable study environment not only provides more learning opportunities, but also encourages enthusiastic participation. To fulfil learning by doing, we propose the Sustainable Siatan, Happy Campus project seeking every opportunity to build up an eco-friendly study environment, and to see sustainability prevail every corner of Siatan.  

Siatan, about 19,388 sq meters, sits in a remote rural village of Chia-Yi county schooling 106 students in 7 classes including nursery education and staffing 15. When we see innocence shine on children’s face, we usually ask ourselves “What can we give/teach/leave to our children?” Now, the sustainable campus policy brings a beam of light in all the confusion guiding us to a green, healthy and sustainable life. We are getting aware of pollution cutting, ecobalance, and sustainable use of resources.

Siatan was granted a funding in 2009 for a sustainable campus project aiming to: (1) lower the classrooms’ temperature by installing sloping roofs for insulation and using HDPE nets (黑網?) on the roof; (2) harvest rainwater into three tanks for irrigation on the campus; (3) use permeable paving on the two sides of the sports ground to improve the drainage and soil water retention and to help reduce the urban heat island effect; (4) separate pedestrians and vehicles; (5) re-arrange derelict spaces, turning a 63-year-old building into a multi-functional space; (6) arouse students’ interest in ecological issues and sustainable development through thematic teaching and children’s practical participation.

Eco-education lies in constant reminding, efforts and innovation. That is why schools and local communities are inseparable; rather, the two should be closely knit into one greater power to promote green awareness and bring real change to our sustainable development.

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  • Siatan Elementary School
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2009
  • Area: North Taiwan
  • County: Chiayi