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Chang Gung University


    Our school!|s aim is to build an environmentally friendly, pollution-free campus. We propose developing a water-saving environment that enables the reuse of water resources, an important step in creating ecofriendly and sustainable development.
      1. Insufficient water supply is a major problem at our school because of its location on the Linkou Plateau, which is at the end of the water pipeline. To resolve this shortage, our school has been approved to dig a well to extract groundwater to be treated for subsequent use.

      2. Nonetheless, groundwater is a limited resource; it will run out eventually. In addition to improving the water supply system and implementing water-saving measures, our school!|s energy-saving committee has discussed and investigated the possibility of using a laboratory reverse osmosis water filtration system to produce second water in bulk (approximately 210 tons per month).

      3. The preceding proposal has been reviewed. The committee suggested that introducing the produced second water into the existing ecological pond would be a good means of solving the long-term water shortage and the eutrophication of the pond. The committee proposed increasing the frequency of water replacement and revitalizing the ecological pond. The excess pond water can be used to water the campus flowers and lawns.

    Results of interaction with neighboring communities
      1. Community residents will be invited to come to our school to enjoy the improved ecological pond and interact with the ecosystem.
      2. The ecological pond will provide local residents with a recreational space.

    Anticipated results for the school:
      1. Each year, a total of 2,520 tons (210 tons !N 12 months) of second water for drainage can be saved.
      2. The long-term lack of water and eutrophication of the ecological pond will be ameliorated.
      3. Water in the ecological pond will be filtered.
      4. The flower-watering practices of the school will improve.
      5. Natural science courses offered by the Center for General Education will be incorporated to improve ecosystem education.
      6. Our school will promote water recycling and reuse and teach students the importance of energy saving and carbon reduction.
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  • Chang Gung University
  • System: University
  • Report year: 2016
  • Area: North Taiwan
  • County: Taoyuan