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County Hsienhsi Junior High School


    This project will use the subsidy from the sustainable campus project to improve the light fixtures on the first and second floors of the Chinyi Building.

The original T8 light fixtures will be replaced by T5 light fixtures to save energy and reduce carbon production.

Key points of this project:

    1. Hardware: A total of 168 light fixtures in 11 classrooms on the first and second floors in the Chinyi Building will be replaced by T5 light fixtures.

    2. Courses: Our school will introduce two topics to Grade 9 students for the natural science class: electricity and electrical science and topics related to the global environment.

    Students will be taught to calculate the difference in electricity consumption before and after switching to energy-saving lights. They will also be guided to explore topics such as the relationship between energy consumption and global warming, which will help students understand the importance of energy saving and carbon reduction and establish their understanding of environmental sustainability.
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  • County Hsienhsi Junior High School
  • System: High school
  • Report year: 2016
  • Area: Middle Taiwan
  • County: Changhua