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County Wenao Elementary School


Located in suburban Magong City, our school is the largest in Penghu County; it has 593 students, 26 classes, and more than 20 students in each class. Our school is a focus of the Penghu County urban development plan.


Our school buildings were built nearly 20 years ago. The light fixtures are old, inefficient, and have high malfunction and damage rates. The new school building is also more than a decade old. Because T8 light fixtures are wired so that one switch controls three to four lights, when the weather is bad or lights have to be turned on for a long time, power usage will increase and electricity costs will be high. Further waste of electricity occurs during small-group remedial teaching or activities; participants cannot choose how many lights to turn on because of the all-or-none wiring design.


Once we have received the subsidy from the sustainable campus project, we will replace the remaining inefficient lights with energy-efficient ones in homerooms and classrooms. Our school will also implement new energy-saving policies: teachers will disseminate energy-saving practices, diagrams showing the locations of light fixtures will be posted on top of light switches, and each light fixture will be numbered and color-coded. Numbering will help students to quickly determine which switch is paired with which light fixture. A red switch will indicate light fixtures that can only be used with approval from teachers, whereas a green switch will indicate light fixtures that can be used according to students¡¦ needs.

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  • County Wenao Elementary School
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2016
  • Area: South Taiwan
  • County: PengHu