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Municipal Nantou District Tung-Shing Elementary School


    Our school has been working to achieve the sustainable campus development goals set by the Ministry of Education. Part of the campus now has regularly maintained wood or permeable paving. The new ecological pond and garden have proven to be wonderful for educational purposes and biological diversity. In terms of key renovation works for the 2016 Sustainable Campus Partial Renovation Project, our school has set up a team and met with experts from the outside to develop a plan according to levels of urgency. Comments and suggestions collected from the discussion on improving the indoor environment are summarized and submitted with this application.

    The major challenge encountered by our school is the strong sunlight on the west side of the building. This causes glare, which affects the quality of classroom instruction and damages eyesight. In addition, because of climate change, the ambient temperature of the classrooms in the summer may exceed 30¢XC, which is neither pleasant nor healthy. To improve the classroom environment, we intend to add air louvers and sunshades to reduce or adjust incoming sunlight, increase air exchange and circulation, minimize glare, and reduce the heat and humidity inside the classrooms. This project will involve the following stages. Curved aluminum sunshades will be installed on the east side of the classroom exteriors. An air louver (for the evening) will be installed on top of the each doorframe on the northwest side of the classrooms. Curved aluminum sunshades will be installed in the corridor outside the principal!|s office. Aluminum shutters will be installed on the west side of classrooms on floors one to four of the central building.

    In terms of courses and teaching, our school considers that it is important to start at the level of basic life education to achieve the goal of global sustainability, halt the degradation of the natural environment, and maintain a sustainable coexistence between human beings and nature. Our teachers have examined major environmental problems and developed a corresponding teaching plan, which will be discussed and revised according to suggestions from our committee members. The basic concept is to use hands-on experiments to teach our students how to improve indoor environmental quality based on physics principles. Our students will learn that we can improve our living quality and create a better living space by making small changes to the facilities and adopting excellent ideas in our everyday lives.

    To develop a healthy and sustainable campus, our school will gradually improve the wiring in all classrooms and assess the feasibility of setting up solar panels on roofs.
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  • Municipal Nantou District Tung-Shing Elementary School
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2016
  • Area: Middle Taiwan
  • County: Nantou