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Dacheng Elementary School


   Global warming has been a constant theme in recent movies trying to arouse more green awareness. Last August’s flooding caused great damage to Taiwan and even annihilated a village overnight. Disasters like this are urging us to pay more attention to our land and eco issues.


Sustainable Campus Project

       A sustainable campus project comprises subcategories like: rainwater recycling, natural water purification, energy recycling, energy saving and monitoring, water saving, permeable paving, soil improvement, eco-friendly fencing, multi-layered greening, green and healthy materials, and interior improvement. Old schools can choose from these subcategories to revive their campuses in a more sustainable way.


Sustainability on Campus

       Sustainable campus projects are not just about more construction and more development. In fact, they are more about combining sustainable development with eco education, and putting eco education into each related subject. In these green courses, students and teachers can together enjoy the fruit of a sustainable campus. At that moment, teaching of sustainability is more like indulgence in sustainability.


Our Sustainable Campus Project

       The north building on our campus has a west exposure and therefore suffers from scorching heat in every afternoon. We used to hang curtains for insulation, but they blocked all light from the windows and caused other problems, such as bad ventilation. This time, after consulting certain professionals, we decided to install shade canopies instead. These canopies effective lowered the building’s temperature and avoided the problems the curtains had caused. They have helped us save more energy and cut carbon emission.

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  • Dacheng Elementary School
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2009
  • Area: Middle Taiwan
  • County: Changhua