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Yung-Ching Elementary School


 Under the guidance of Principal Lin, Chien-Fu (林建福), Yung-Ching Elementary School spares no effort to build up a “Green Yung-Ching --- Sustainable Campus”. We are determined to turn Yung-Ching into a green school of sustainability, health, ecology, and environmental awareness. In 2009, we decided to integrate health, security, grace and ecology into our sustainable development.

       Yung-Ching, Ping-Shan (屏山), Chiu-Cheng (舊城), and Mingde (明德) elementary schools formed a strategic ally to propose a sustainable campus project to MOE under the name of “Educational Society for Sustainable Campus.” Our school is situated in southern Taiwan and enjoys the most solar energy, so we planed to install photovoltaic (PV) systems on our campus and develop our eco education in this field.

       Our project included a 2.2Kwp static PV system on the building’s roof and a 2Kwp solar tracking PV system. The two were expected to generate 4.2Kpw power for our daily use and to cut down the electricity bills. We also hoped the solar panels on the building’s roof could provide some shade and help cool down the temperature in the classrooms.

       As for the eco education, we monitored our PV systems and installed a LED panel in the lobby to show the systems’ real-time information. Hence, people passing by could clearly see the current status of the two PV systems and their difference. In addition, we arranged a window in the lobby to demonstrate how our PV systems convert sunlight into electricity. We also prepared some posters and PV models for students to better understand the growing trend towards green energy and recycling. In short, this project was aimed to strongly promote our green efforts in carbon reduction and our dedication to clean energy.

       Our school has been determined to take our campus as a living example and teaching aid for our eco education, one that students can explore in the environment, not in the textbooks. We hope we can connect our school with other local schools and communities and further develop our project into a bigger one, a closely knit web of green education that can encompass every aspect of students’ life.

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  • Yung-Ching Elementary School
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2009
  • Area: South Taiwan
  • County: Kaohsiung