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Municipal Changan Elementary School



    1. The Xiangyang Building is oriented north to south. As a result, the east and west sides of the building are very hot because of solar radiation and heat reflecting off the ground. Although there are southwestern and northeastern monsoons in the summer and winter, respectively, they cannot enter the building. In addition to the high temperature in the classrooms (up to 40°C), air circulation is poor. These conditions seriously affect the mood and learning of the students and teachers.

    2. The teachers and students close the curtains to block out the sunlight; as a result, they are overly dependent on electric lights and fans, wasting money and electricity and, in the long run, adding burden to the environment.

3. Sun glare and poor air circulation are two other concerns. The glare is bad for students’ eyesight and the lack of circulation in the classroom can accelerate the spread of infectious diseases.

Key improvements:

    1. Sunshades will be added to 30 windows in the Xiangyang Building so that the students and teachers can decide on how much sunlight to let into the classroom. Adding sunshades can resolve the problem of solar radiation in the morning and afternoon, and using fewer curtains will allow more fresh air into the classroom. Consequently, both the air quality and ambient temperature will be improved in the classrooms, benefiting students’ learning. To provide students with a healthy learning environment, we already replaced the concrete pavement with grass in 2016 to reduce the amount of heat reflecting off the ground.

    2. The lack of a parapet on one side of the tilted roof on the Xiangyang Building poses a major safety hazard. Therefore, materials collected during the removal of the iron windows in this project will be reused in the building of a protective structure on the roof. This reuse of materials will not only save money but also make the learning environment safer for our students.

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  • Municipal Changan Elementary School
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2017
  • Area: North Taiwan
  • County: Taipei