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Yong-Ding Primary School

Recycling, Sustainable Yong-Ding !

Global warming is a rising crisis that people around the world have to face and deal with. For this reason, our school propose a sustainable campus project based on “Energy Saving & Carbon Reduction”. Main actions taken are as follows:

(1)   Rainwater recycling: rainwater is the best gift from heaven and of vital importance in people’s daily life. Our rainwater recycling system collects rainwater and then supplies toilet flushing and campus irrigation. The reuse of rainwater can also reduce surface runoff (地表逕流) and prevent flooding on the campus.

wable energy: solar power is a green energy, clean and pollution-free. The conversion of sunlight into electricity is one of the best examples of Energy Saving & Carbon Reduction. The following are two types of solar power:

(a)   Parallel solar panels: solar panels are located on the front building’s roof at a tilt angle of 23° facing south for optimal performance. Such power conversion acts as a part of our school’s green efforts and helps cut our electricity bills. This system is of 3.672 Kpw and funded by Taiwan Sustainable Campus Project, Ministry of Education, and Subsidiary Program for Photovoltaic System Installation, Bureau of Energy.

(b)   Solar Tracking Lampposts: apart from the 23° tilt angle, the solar panels orient toward the sun to maximize the energy collected. The energy then is converted into electricity and kept in solar cells for street lighting after dark.

(3)   Energy saving and monitoring: we installed high efficiency lights to save energy, protect students’ eyesight, and provide a healthy study environment.

(4)   Healthy and natural materials: Reuse of discarded building materials can lower their impact on the environment. Despite higher price, these recycled materials are of irreplaceable importance to sustainable development.  The wooden pillars on our campus are recycled to make benches. Thanks to our contractor’s patronage, the stone table is also made of recycled building materials and natural stones. These “new” furniture fits in with our environment ecologically and healthily. They not only provide a better study environment but also become a part of our green features. With all these green efforts, we have turned our school into an attractive place, not just for our students to study, but also for local people to drop their worries and enjoy nature’s symphony.

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  • Yong-Ding Primary School
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2009
  • Area: Middle Taiwan
  • County: Yunlin