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County-level Makung Junior High School


    Makung Junior High School is the largest junior high school in Penghu County, with more than 1,500 teachers, students, and staff members. The campus spans approximately 5 hectares and contains more than 10 school buildings. Large amounts of resources such as water and electricity are used for school operations and expenses are high. Therefore, reducing the school’s energy demand is critical, not only for budget considerations but also for the benefit of students and staff.

    Makung Junior High School is a benchmark in the county because of its size, and that is why our school should act as a role model of sustainability. For the spirit of sustainability to last, a short- to medium-term plan is required; ours is to reduce the energy demand, improve the teaching environment, collaborate with universities to develop green energy displays, and eventually create a green campus that can also be used by community residents.

    Sustainable development is one of the three main visions of our school. To realize it, our school is fully devoted to promoting energy-saving activities and incorporating sustainability concepts into our environmental education and courses on ecology, mathematics, science, art, and literature. These courses are essential for nurturing the spirit of sustainability in students. Our school is also focused on using new technology and new thinking to improve the existing environment, eliminate unnecessary energy waste, and maximize the synergistic effect by synchronizing the software and hardware of the school.

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  • County-level Makung Junior High School
  • System: High school
  • Report year: 2017
  • Area: South Taiwan
  • County: PengHu