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Chung-Li Elementary School


Green Housing

Things to know:

(1)   to know the plants with a tendency to grow under the sun

(2)   to know how to make green roofs

(3)   to know the effects of green roofs on building

(4)   to know the changes that come from the greening of our environment


(5)   to draw closer to the campus through DIY activities in campus greening

(6)   to know the work of green roofing  and cherish the school environment


(7)   to arouse students’ attention to school environment

(8)   to enhance our eco education through team activities


Sustainable Water

Things to know:

(1)   why sustainable campus? and its purposes?

(2)   to know the importance of natural resources, e.g. water

(3)   how water saving can be done on the campus

(4)   the importance of water to people

(5)   the influence of school buildings on sustainable water management

(6)   to know the process of rainwater harvesting on the roofs

(7)   how to save mankind with water management


(8)   to brainstorm water management in our water workshops

(9)   to arouse students’ attention to natural resource scarcity


       Sitting in the Jung Li downtown, our school has been dedicated to sustainable campus development integrating ourselves into local communities, or, wider, into local universities. In the process of integration, we benefitted greatly from Chung Yuan Christian University’s professional assistance. Their expertise compensated for our lack of knowledge and experience in these areas. With their help, we elevated the quality of our eco education remarkably. Such co-operation fulfilled the learning-by-doing theory and was truly an unforgettable experience.

       Looking how far we have come in sustainable campus development, we take our vision into the future believing city kids should not be denied the fun of pastoral activities. Though Chung-Li was not granted the funding for its sustainable campus project this year, with Chung Yuan’s unreserved assistance, we still hope for the best striving for our Sustainable Learning, Learning Sustainability project.

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  • Chung-Li Elementary School
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2009
  • Area: North Taiwan
  • County: Taoyuan