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Jhong-Jheng Elementary School



A green campus with birds’ singing in the wind and flowers’ fragrance in the air can always refresh our mind and lift our spirit. In order to draw closer to nature, in 2008 Jhong-Jheng built up a butterfly park, grew indigenous larval food plants and tried to improve the eco-system on our campus. We are glad to see these efforts have come to fruition to some extent; however, the park’s western exposure has caused unbearable heat affecting students’ study, and the insufficient water retention in soil has also led to an unnecessary increase in water bills. All these eco issues require our immediate actions for improvement.

Therefore, we focus our project on water recycling, power saving & monitoring, permeable paving, and interior improvement. We will also seek every possible opportunity to work with local communities promoting green awareness.



After ratified by the Ministry of Education, our project was on its way. Under the supervision of our principal, we first formulated consensus among all staff members by running a couple of workshops on sustainable development. The dean of studies was in charge of the integration of our project into students’ courses, whereas the dean of general affairs was responsible for the implementation of the project supervising construction activities. Besides, we also paid a visit to Chang Hua to broaden our horizons in sustainable development and deepen our consensus further over this year’s sustainable campus project.



With the project going on, the ideas of a sustainable campus prevailed in Jhong-Jheng. The completion of the water tank, nicknamed “water piggy bank”, allowed junior students to have a better understanding of water recycling through DIY activities. While they drew closer to these resources, they could also carry on their greening jobs during class. Apart from these, higher-grade students also needed to work on how to save more water and how to preserve water resources. As for senior students, through the demonstration of our water purification system and under the guidance of the course “Where Is Water?”, they came to realize Taiwan’s geographical conditions can seriously cause water shortage especially when we fail to use water wisely. The advocacy of green awareness in “2012” and “±2°C” has highlighted eco issues and the importance of sustainable development, and, much to our gratification, the past year has witnessed every bit of our green efforts taking root in our students deeper and deeper.

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  • Jhong-Jheng Elementary School
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2009
  • Area: Middle Taiwan
  • County: Yunlin