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An-Nei Elementary School


Guo-Yi Elementary School (果毅國小) will lead this year’s joint sustainable campus project, which includes Ching-Shan (青山), Tu-Ku (土庫), Hsin-Shan (新山), and An-Nei elementary schools. The project is aimed to promote sustainable development, first from the campuses, then to the neighboring communities. We hope our project can help combine local green resources into school education.

Our Hardware: We fix the old gazebo on our campus and treasure it as a shared memory for our alumni. We dye the insulation nets with materials we can find on the campus, such as garcinia (福木) and orange jessamine (七里香).

Our Courses: We integrate the local sugar industry into our courses and help our students observe the cultivation of sugar canes.

Our sustainable campus project “Charming An-Nei, Fairies under the Eaves” is aimed to innovate our school bringing sustainability into our campus.

1.      Interior renovation: We put insulation nets on the roof of our teaching building. We use garnicia and orange jessamine to dye the nets, which not only effectively lowers the building’s temperature but also adds more colors to our campus.

2.      Healthy and natural materials: The old gazebo has been kept as a shared memory for all our alumni. After we renovate it, the place now is a popular site for local people to chill out.

3.      Permeable paving: The old concrete ground has been turned into a permeable one. The soft lawn is more eco-friendly and budget-friendly.

4.      Multi-layered ecology: We take our students to help green the campus trying to add more creativity to the gardening work.

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  • An-Nei Elementary School
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2009
  • Area: South Taiwan
  • County: Tainan