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Shaken Elementary School


Shaken Elementary School, est. 1960, is located in Jhuchi (竹崎) Township and now educates 61 students and employs 14 staff. Our school’s Chinese Orchestra was the first of this kind in Chia-Yi County 20 years ago. The orchestra has won several awards and earned its reputation. Shaken is a school in an agricultural village surrounded by mountains. Local people make a living by farming tangerines, pomelos and pears.

       Shaken is far away from urban cultures. In fact, 67.21% of our students, i.e. 41, come from minor groups of the society, which include households below average income, parents from underdeveloped countries, single parent families, and skipped generation households. These students are in urgent need of help from social groups.

       We plan to install a rainwater recycling system on the roofs of the two buildings. The two have been covered with new water-proof and heat-proof roof tiles. However, they cannot help our sustainable campus project collect rainwater. Hence, we hope the new rainwater harvesting system can provide water for our campus irrigation and toilet use.

       Our sustainable campus project is mainly based on water recycling, but also comprises four themes: My Tree Friends; The World in a Raindrop; From Recycling to Paper Making; Battle on Water Saving. These green topics will frequently appear in our eco education. We hope sustainability can grow from the campus and then go into people’s lives.

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  • Shaken Elementary School
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2009
  • Area: South Taiwan
  • County: Chiayi