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Jhu-Yuan Elementary School


The Ministry of Education has been promoting Sustainable Campus in Taiwan for years, and many schools have seen the growing sustainability on their campuses. Their green experience and efforts are expected to set a good example for future schools that are interested in sustainable development.

       In 2009, our school cooperated with Lucao (鹿草) townspeople in proposing a sustainable campus project. With the assistance from people around, the blueprint for our project begins to emerge. We also arrange workshops on Wednesdays for our teachers to enrich their green knowledge and share their experience.

       We paid some visits to Shuan-Shi (雙溪), Da-Yu (大有), and Jing-Liau (菁寮) elementary schools for our sustainable campus project. From these visits, we learned that a sustainable campus should be more about reuse of unattended spaces, smart use of energy, such as sunlight and water. Besides, energy saving, green materials, and budget control should also be taken into consideration when we plan a sustainable campus project. We learn from their experience and then improve our case.

       In the permeable paving case, our teachers take the students to the construction site teaching them the importance of permeability. Students not only have better understanding of the sustainable campus project but also learn to treasure the water resources.

       A sustainable campus is the eco education come true. Sustainable campus project is not just more construction on the campus, but a real effort to bring sustainability into schools, and into people’s daily life.

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  • Jhu-Yuan Elementary School
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2009
  • Area: South Taiwan
  • County: Chiayi