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National Taiwan Ocean University

Rainwater Recycling in Male Dormitory !


       Students, teachers and school staff spend one third of time on the campus and 35% of total water consumption is for toilet use. Therefore, if we can recycle rainwater for toilet, we can save a lot of fresh water. In recent years, rainwater recycling has been proved one of the most effective approaches for an eco-friendly campus. It can remarkably cut our water bills and improve campus ecology.


       Therefore, we propose a sustainable campus project to collect rainwater from the 1st male dormitory’s roof and the water discharge of air conditioners. The project includes:


(1)   Facilities that guarantee the quality of recycled water.

(2)   Facilities for water supply and distribution.

(3)   Recycled water for toilet use.

(4)   Recycled water for irrigation.


       We hope this rainwater recycling system can be seen as a part of our green efforts and help save water. The following details how it works:


1.      The roof for rainwater collection on the dormitory is about 900 . We use current guttering system to collect rainwater and direct it a tank.

2.      1 ~ 5 floors of the dorm are all equipped with air conditioners and pipes for discharge water. Our project aims to direct the air conditioners’ discharge water into the rainwater recycling system. We also use a flow meter to indicate the amount of collected discharge water for future evaluation.

3.      After the process of filtration and sanitation, recycled water is stored in a tank and pumped to another tank on the roof for toilet use, cleaning, and irrigation.

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  • National Taiwan Ocean University
  • System: University
  • Report year: 2009
  • Area: North Taiwan
  • County: Taipei