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National Taiwan University





    Main Campus of NTU is located in Taipei’s southern district, nearby Gong-Gung (公館)downtown, and also approached Xin-Dian River(新店溪) and several natural hills. 120 hectare of campus is full of trees, green lands, and small wild manuals, we believe that campus can be more conformed with ecology and humanity, the campus should not be only a simplex schoolyard, it also can play the role to be a part of urban ecological network, especially we have a fine campus which exceptionally rich in natural resources. We planned three renovating projects to improve ecological content, at the same time results of all these projects can combine with other present finished renovating works in campus

<project 1>

Renovating Project of Fu Si-nian Memorial Garden(傅園) Fu Si-nian Memorial Garden, complete with the Si-nian Mausoleum, the tapered monument, the small pond, and the trails, was built in 1951 to commemorate the late President whose name the Garden proudly bears. In this area of about 7,000 M2 flourish over 160 trees, including specimens grown by the Japanese during the Colonial Period. Over the years, the trees have grown tall and magnificent, weaving a thick natural canopy. The Garden was renovated and rededicated in the spring of 2004 . It is hoped that the Garden’s classical design and the abundant wildlife it houses will continue to provide its visitors with inspirations as well enjoyment.

<project 2>

Paving permeation Improvement of Area Around Life Science Building(生命科學館) Zhou-Shan Road(舟山路) is a pathway in NTU Main Campus. Several years ago, it was a common road with tar concrete and many high-speed cars. We try to make this road become more comfortable for walking people, more green lands to formulate the greenway in this campus, so we try to decrease the ratio of impermeable area and release more space for planting. We have renovated two areas of Zhou-Shan Road by stages, now we need to link these renovated areas with Area Around Life Science Building.

The renovating area this time is only about 2,000M2, improving area ratio (included new green lands and permeable paving) is nearby 59% .

<project 3>

Ecological Greening for Pond of Liu-Gong Ditch(?公圳) With generous funding from the Liu-Gong Hydraulic Foundation (?公水利會) earmarked , we have a chance to rescue the old agricultural ditch fallen into disuse in campus, and we have finished the first stage of construction, including a established pond and a section of rebuilt original ditch. This pond and original ditch are approached Zhou-Shan Road, and has become famous scenic spots and natural habitats in campus.

However, the Foundation didn? supply outlays for planting works. With Ministry of Education earmarked, we can plant many original Taiwan wetland plants surrounding this pond, and make the environment of pond just like natural wetland, and attract more birds live here. Recently we often see people (included members in campus and common citizens) stay at decks around the pond, everybody pay his patience to watch each movement of birds, and enjoy the delights of nature.

These three projects cost total 6,866,738NT dollars, Ministry of Education supplied 5,000,000, we raised 1,866,738 dollars for achievement.

    Besides these three projects, members in NTU did something to popularize the concept of sustainable environment. For example, teachers and students delivered a course about the manner of property of university, let more students to comprehend the environment we live. We raise a plan to establish an university museum, all of these works of environment improvements will be the best teaching materials and exhibits. We also joined other activities to display the important of sustainable environment concept, like “Eco-Technology Expo ‘2003”(全國生態工法博覽會).

    Right now there is also more renovating projects and works in campus, we try our best to make the vision of “GREEN SUSTAINABLE CAMPUS” become practicable and visible. We deeply appreciate this chance from Ministry of Education, we will do our best to pursue the campus to be the ”AMONG THE WORLD’S BEST”.

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  • National Taiwan University
  • System: University
  • Report year: 2003
  • Area: North Taiwan
  • County: Taipei