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De-Gao Elementary School



(1)   To improve the lighting and power saving in classrooms, we change some lights into energy efficient ones.

(2)   To further our last year’s eco-friendly fencing and also arrange a ground for a stone-structured open theater with seating serving as a chill-out corner for students and locals.

(3)   To raise the rate of permeable paving on our campus for students’ safety.

(4)   To renovate our old rainwater harvesting system so as to collect rain water more efficiently and use it for campus irrigation.

(5)   To run ecological workshops to increase our teachers’ knowledge in green education. Also, to build up multilayer green fencing and butterfly footpaths and set up a tropical plant area to fulfill our eco education and bring it into local communities.


(1)   We install a grid-connected PV system, which converts sunlight into electricity for our lighting and helps cut down our electricity bills.

(2)   We install a grid-connected horizontal axis wind turbine (HAWT) on the teaching building’s roof.

(3)   We collect rainwater from the roof and direct it into an eco-pond for water saving.

(4)   We erect eco-friendly chain link fences for vines to climb so as to further our campus greening.

(5)   We increase our permeable paving for better drainage and higher green cover, so that students can enjoy a safer and greener campus.

(6)   We change some of our lights into energy efficient ones to improve the lighting and power saving in classrooms.


The sustainable campus project lies in constant reminding, efforts and innovation. That is why schools and local communities are inseparable; rather, the two should be closely knit into one greater power to promote green awareness and bring real change to our sustainable development.

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  • De-Gao Elementary School
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2009
  • Area: South Taiwan
  • County: Tainan