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Chung-Hwa University

The sustainable water quality improvement !

The sustainable water quality improvement of the artificial lakes in Chung-Hwa University

Summary of results

    The water quality improvement system (see fig.1)that has been constructed,includes:1.pumping(1),2.Sedimentation tank,3.Ecological pond,4.Landscape & purification channel,5.Water wheel,6.Waterfall,7.Constructed wetland,8.Pumping(2),9.Pumping(3),10.Experimental purification channel,and 11.Wind-generating electricity system. The results of this project are summarized as following:

A . Creating a sustainable purification system:

    The system which applies the purification channel,ecological pond,and constructed wetland to improve the water quality of two artificial lakes on campus;and applies the Wind-generating electricity as power for the sustainable water-circulation .

B . Using Wind-energy:

    The wind-energy supply which is abundant in Hsin-Chu area,specially the north-eastern wind occurring from March to October,is utilized to generate the electricity for the pumping needs in this project .

C . Making good use of natural purification mechanism:

    The constructed facilities(EX:purification Channel,ecological pond,waterfall,and constructed wetland)are designed to make good use of natural purification mechanism and to avoid human interference.

D . Using the ecological engineering method:

    The facilities of the system are constructed by using the ecological engineering method .The porous space with landscape vegetation was created to provide the suitable habitats for biological species.

E . Editing education material:

    The education material of “Ecological Engineering of Wetland” was edited for this project to serve as educational purpose .

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  • Chung-Hwa University
  • System: University
  • Report year: 2003
  • Area: Middle Taiwan
  • County: Changhua