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Yi-Zhu Elementary School


       Our 2009 sustainable campus project focused on energy saving and soil improvement. Since last March, we had tried our best to plan this project in every detail. After countless meetings, the outline of our project began to emerge. The following details how we combine sustainability with our campus development.


Energy Saving


       The Yao-Chun (樂群) Building is two-storied and about 720 square meters. In the summer time, classrooms of the upper floor are very hot and the temperature can reach 35°C. The unbearable heat affects students’ study. To follow the power-saving & carbon-reduction trends, we decide to reuse the iron sheets taken down from the deserted carport and put them on the building’s roof as insulation materials. By doing so, we not only lowered the classrooms’ temperature 3-4 degrees but also kept the zero waste policy. This green effort has been proved effective, energy-saving and, most of all, pollution-free.


Soil Improvement


       We plan to increase the soil organic matter and the soil’s softness. The soil in the west part of our campus is hard and not suitable for plants to grow. For this reason, we took down the cement-based ground from the discarded carport and the unattended earth. The shattered ground blocks were buried deep down the original site and coarse sand was added to increase the soil’s permeability. The top was covered with the unattended earth, so that plants can grow there. At last, the soil organic matter can be improved. The change of soil quality will be put into our eco education on soil improvement.

school location


  • Yi-Zhu Elementary School
  • System: Elementary
  • Report year: 2009
  • Area: South Taiwan
  • County: Chiayi